About me

I am a reporter focused on the environment, EU politics and anything in between. I currently work for Carbon Pulse.

I completed my education across Italy, Germany and the UK. I studied History and Anthropology in Genoa, got my first MA in Political Science after a period spent at Potsdam University, then my second MA in Science Journalism at City University of London.

For a bolder climate action: women go to the Antarctic

In her novel Sur, the author Ursula K. Le Guin imagines an expedition to the South Pole by a group of South American women. The subtitle specifies that it’s A Summary Report of the Yelcho Expedition to the Antarctic, 1909–1910, written to be kept in a trunk in the attic and be found by the narrator’s grandchildren - just like an old buccaneer’s diary. Le Guin used her works of speculative fiction to ironically criticise and then undo both misogyny and colonialism.